History of the Luna Nascente mountain hut

The ‘Luna Nascente’ mountain hut was built in the late 1980s by our parents, Siro Fiorelli and Giuliana Tarca.

Eager to follow the footsteps of his ancestors, who were mountain guides and keepers of the huts in the valley, Siro bought a lodge from an old couple of melat farmers. This was the fulfilment of our father’s wish: the building up of ‘his mountain hut’, his and Giuliana’s.

To my sister and me, who were just children at the time, those were amazing years and the Mello valley became our second home. We spent a lot of time here, as our parents were busy with the lodge restoration.

Once the restoration was complete, our little mountain hut was made up by a small lodge with an external harbour to be used with warm weather.

As years went by, the hut expanded to include an internal dining room and an area to spend the night, with all spaces organized through different housing units scattered in the district of Cascina Piana.

The 1990s were years of business growth and satisfaction to our parents. They ran the hut with simplicity and passion up to summer 2011, when our mother died to an incurable illness.

She had always been the queen of the kitchen: she would carefully prepare dishes, and commit to the vegetable garden; our father, a bright soul and great expert of the valley, would spend his days at the hut either entertaining the clients with mountain tales and funny jokes or carving granite sculptures, when not busy with the hut supplying.

In 2014, after the Nature Reserve of the Mello valley was first instituted, the hut underwent a total renovation. A modern structure was implemented, in which the living area and the sleeping area are reunited in a single space. The hut is now equipped with a bar, a wide dining room, rooms with private bathrooms and a large garden.

Thus, almost without us realizing it, the baton was passed to us and our families.

Come and visit us!