Hiking routes

Luna Nascente mountain hut is an ideal starting point for many fascinating itineraries in Val Masino, a raethian Valtellina valley set in a privileged location in the middle of Val di Mello. With a bit of curiosity and a will to hike and have fun, you will blissfully enjoy one of the most stunning and unspoilt area of the Alps. There are plenty of routes to choose from. Some are suitable for families with young children while others are more suited to fit and experienced hikers. Experience the beauty and power of these mountains, their granite walls, the forests hanging from the sky and their glowing waterfalls! Find here some suggestions for hiking tours in Val di Mello. Choose your itineraries according to the time available, fitness level, length of your stay. You can select daily walks or visit several places combining different routes. Please note that walking times are only indicative (departing from the mountain hut). When hiking please always use caution and be aware of the risks. If you have any concerns, please ask the hut keeper for further information before starting your walk! Bring with you a local map, it will be easier to follow your itinerary and enjoy trying new ones. In regards to the easier walks and valley bottom trails, the best advice is to take it slowly and appreciate the peace and beauty of the landscape.

Andrea Panighetti
Accompagnatore di Media Montagna - www.andreapanighetti.it